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Building and remodeling jobs are complicated. But great architects, builders and contractors live and work by principles that are actually quite elementary: build it local, make it simple, and keep it honest. The industry professionals profiled here keep the dream of a new or remodeled home alive in Hawaii, even in tough economic times. Read on to find out what they can do for you.

It's only natural to feel slightly overwhelmed when you start a home redecorating project. After all, the choices ahead of you are virtually limitless. It doesn't have to make you crazy. In fact, Interior Designer Susan Young of Chattanooga, Tennessee, offers a first step that can simplify every decision that follows.

Her advice? Start with the rug just inside your front door.
Considering the importance of first impressions, you may know to give extra thought to your foyer. What you may not know is that the decisions you make there can simplify everything else. Here's how.

Start by selecting a rug that has rich color, pattern, and intricate design. You'll realize two major benefits.
• First, you conceal the soil, sand, mud, and rain that people inevitably track in.
• Second, and most importantly for the task at hand, your rug helps you make all-important color decisions.