New construction
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* Hands on site installation works and supervise a team of workers.
* Responsible for the project management including coordination, supervision and monitoring on the progress of project work onsite
* To work with relevant parties on the overall development of project

Hamilton has developed a rich expertise of handling all types of projects. This expertise has helped to bring in great simplicity at the same time maintaining high levels of accuracy.

Hamilton’s proprietary Project Management Systems track the progress of each project right from its inception to it hand over through smart MIS systems that are updated daily. This MIS tracks the individual development of every floor of a tower as well as the overall progress of the project at a bird’s eye view.

No noise. No dust. No pollution. Just the way a home should be.

Hamilton is multi-chambered, double-sealed, fusion-welded and has locks at multiple points. There are no gaps in the frame or between the wall and the window.

Result - Noise, dust and pollution cannot find routes to enter your home.

In addition, the non-conducting properties of UPVC enhance insulation and reduce air conditioning costs.